Glen Francis

President, CIO Academy Asia

Glen takes pride in leading corporate transformation initiatives, helping startup companies, various boards, and being in involved in social work. He has spent several years building up communities, there is no richer joy than being able to learn and grow with the people you meet.

Glen holds appointments on the following Boards
– President for IDeation Edge Asia (IDEA)
– President for CIO Academy Asia
– Vice President for the IT Management Association (ITMA)
– Information and Communications Technology Programme Advisory Committee for SIM University
– School of Informatics & IT Advisory Committee for Temasek Polytechnic
– Workforce Development Agency’s (WDA) National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) Adoption Committee (2013)

Glen is passionate in building and leading teams. Motivated teams can achieve exciting goals for organisations, projects, community work, and in startups. After 20 years in tech, it all boils down to people to make things works. Not rocket science but human chemistry (self-awareness, empathy and communication).